Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Arnold, I'm Disapointed In You...

You let me down. I thought that I was voting
for another German/Austrian American who had
made it through creativity, intelligence, dilligence
and personal courage, and instead I find a coward
who can't even stand up for what is right when it is
not politically expedient and a man who has lost his edge.

You could have had the courage to do the right
thing with Tookie Williams, instead of the political thing.
After 25 years, I don't care about the original crime.
Many murderers have done far less time. I do not care
to indulge the blood lust revenge of relatives. Whether
he was really guilty, I don't know. If he did commit the crime,
your decision was stupid. If he did not, your decision was evil.

You have ignored the lessons of history. Certainly, we of
German descent must have learned something from this
century's events. If people have no hope, they will riot and
create revolutions. There will be civil unrest and civil war.
If people feel they have nothing to lose, they will destroy.
They will fight to the death and take down everything.

Germany's situation was hopeless. So Germans went to war.
Some insame Germans took this as the opportunity to eliminate hope
for Jews. And so for these same reasons, Germans were defeated.
Because people can not live without hope and can not tolerate the
creation of a hopeless situation.

Tookie represented hope to many people, the hope that even a bad
man could change, that no matter how bad the beginning, a
person could change to create at least some good.

You of all people could have taken that and even turned it to your
advantage, with a creative twist, if you were still half the man
you used to be. But that would have taken courage that
apparently you no longer have.



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