Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Killing Is Wrong...

Dear people,I write to you not as a teenage girl but as a peer. A peer in a society where no-one can win. No-one can do what's right all the time because we are only human. We are not entitled to know or understand the workings of the world as it is beyond our grasp, but i do believe we are entitled to our opinions and sometimes though opinions differ they need to be heard. In relation to the execution of Williams i must voice my thoughts not because they are right because they are mine and in the democracy we are told to believe in, a democracy that our ancestors have worked for, i beliave i am entitled to my opinion. He killed four people. I will not deny that. I ask you to think about it. Each person had a family. Kids, parents, spouses, cousins, aunts, uncles, neices, nephews etc. By destroying their lives he destroyed many others. I dread to imagine their pain. Pain that cuts so deep words and actions can't console. I have been there. I do believe that though we may never fully recover from a loss we can move on. ANd here's the tricky part, do we hold on to our ander and let it consume us. OR do we grieve and suffer and build ourselves back up? For all your pain i am truly and deeply sorry. However i can not see the taking of another human life as justice. Life is sacred. Williams did a bad thing, but that does not make him a bad man. He spent years trying to make up for what he had done. He did his penence. He was working for good. WHat good i ask you can come from killing a man who was encouraging others not to end up like him? he showed remorse and for that we must at least admire him. I put to you GOVERNOR, the power of what you have just done. You have angered a massive force of people and for that you will suffer. I do not wish harm upon you but i must ask how one man's opinion can kill another? in a world where tolerance is preached how can the taking of a life under any circumstance be justified? you may not of pulled the trigger governor but his blood rmains on your hands. FOr that i wish for you that you may find peace. Race has always been an issue. As much as we deny it, it's always there. I believe that equality is where neither side use their race as an excuse. I predict ramifications that the black communtiy if AMerica will indeed make this a race issue and not one of facts. I don't think it is. You can not ask some-one to judge you from the inside and call it racisim if you do not get the desired answer? that's hypocricy. THink about it. I think that racism is going the other way. People are so afriad of being branded as racists, their judgements are being influenced. I'm not trying to anger the Bolack americans im just calling it as i see it. Like i said i may not be agreed with, but i am entitled to my point of view. I wish to send my condolences to the family of Williams and the community that treasured him. Yours sincerely, an irish girl. . . .. . . .Sarah



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