Sunday, September 18, 2005

Official Reelect Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor in 2006 Press Release

Today marks the official launch of the Re-elect Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006 website at This website will chronicle Schwarzenegger’s reelection campaign from his historic announcement last Friday in San Diego to election day 2006 and beyond.

Schwarzenegger made history in 2003 when voters successfully recalled Gray Davis and elected Schwarzenegger Governor. Arnold has made major progress in terminating “business as usual” in California and reforming state government. However, much work needs to be done and Schwarzenegger is announcing his reelection bid now to let all the residents of California know that he’s not leaving the Governor’s office in Sacramento until the job is done.

The special interest groups that thrived pre-Arnie will do everything possible to thwart Schwarzenegger’s re-election. However, the people of California are too smart to be fooled. Californian voters don’t want to go back to the dark days of unresponsive government and a vote for Arnold equals a vote for continued California reform.

Http:// will be the top internet resource for information about Governor Arnold’s reelection drive. Make sure to bookmark this resource for the latest updates about the Schwarzenegger campaign. From San Diego to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Monterey, Anaheim to Fresno, Schwarzenegger is the people’s choice for California’s governor and the people will reelect Schwarzenegger in 2006.