Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Propositions That Arnie Supports

"-- Teacher Tenure. Proposition 74 would increase the probationary period for state school teachers from two to five years. It would also make it easier to dismiss teachers who receive two consecutive unsatisfactory performance evaluations. The California chapter of the powerful National Education Association teacher's union is fiercely opposed.

-- Spending Limits. Proposition 76 would amend the state constitution to limit spending to the previous year's level plus the average-revenue growth of the three previous years. If the state legislature does not pass the budget, then the existing budget's spending levels would continue. Under certain circumstances the governor could declare a fiscal state of emergency and amend the budget on his own.

-- Redistricting. Proposition 77 would amend the state constitution to strip redistricting power from the legislature and grant it to a non-partisan, three-member panel of retired judges. "