Thursday, November 23, 2006

Moderator Note...I Want To Publish Your Thoughts Abour Governor Schwarzenegger

If you wish your thoughts about Arnie to appear on this blog, please e-mail them to . All viewpoints are welcome.

A few rules:

1) Messages must be family friendly. You can flame, but you have to keep it clean.
2) Messages must be at least a few sentences long. I'm not going to publish 1 sentence'll need to "develop" your thoughts in order to get them published.
3) Messages must be attached to names. You don't have to give me a full name or even a real name, but your message can't be anonymous.

Lots of people read this blog on a daily basis to keep up with Governor Arnie, so if you wish others to read your viewpoint, I encourage you to send it in.


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